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UNCUT is looking for passionate and creative UW students to join us. Student-led and athlete-driven, UNCUT provides student-athletes a platform to be their true selves. With a commitment to authenticity, we spotlight the humanity inherent within each and every student-athlete.


Unpaid positions are designed to provide exceptional students interested in sports and/or media with a unique opportunity to take on a leadership role and engage with other students and student-athletes. Opportunities are available for students of all academic majors and passions. Those selected will gain invaluable experience through challenging project assignments and high expectations at a professional student-led organization.


At UNCUT, the best vehicle for our message are people who share our mission. For those passionate about what we’re trying to do, we hope to collaborate with you. Expected levels of commitment will be discussed after being awarded a role. We emphasize accountability. Once a commitment is made, we expect that commitment to be met in full.


All applicants must meet the following criteria for consideration:

  • Full-time enrolled student at the University of Wisconsin - Madison

  • Exceptional work ethic

  • Strong organizational and time management skills

  • Proactive, self-starter with strong attention to detail

  • High-level verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills

  • Some previous work experience (part-time, internship or volunteer) related to the department(s) of interest is strongly preferred.

  • Past reference(s)

Some possible roles and responsibilities include:



The UNCUT creative team focuses on planning and producing UNCUT’s core content. Possible responsibilities include but are not limited to: directing a shoot, filming and editing content, and working directly with student-athletes to tell their stories through text.


  • Video: Help film and edit our various forms of video content. Familiarity is expected with: shooting writing, and editing footage (using Adobe Premiere).

  • Photography: Help photograph UNCUT filmings/events and capture student-athlete headshots.


  • Journalism/Writers: Work directly with student-athletes to help them tell their story. Similar to the Players’ Tribune, UNCUT hopes to provide athletes with any professional assistance they may need to properly tell their own story.



Led by Head of Operations Claire Allen, the UNCUT business team focuses on outreach and exposure of UNCUT’s content, professional relationship building, short and long term positioning, and maintaining UNCUT’s brand. Possible responsibilities include but are not limited to: branding, communications, marketing, graphic design, website design, event planning, and social media.


  • Marketing: Craft professional graphics, newsletters, and brochures that tell UNCUT’s story and enhance our image.

    • Familiarity is expected with: Adobe Photoshop.

      • Additional familiarity with Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator is preferred.


  • Public Relations: Coordinate with news outlets and student groups to help spread the word and maximize outreach.

  • Social Media: Post content across UNCUT’s various social channels and engage with fans.

    • Familiarity is expected with: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube.

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