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Peyton Sippy


12 years ago, 10-year old Peyton Sippy asked her dad, “Hey Dad, if I liked girls, even though I don’t, would you be okay with it?”


This was one moment that Peyton recounted when asked about her relationship with her father.


His response was an unwavering “yes”, filled with nothing but reassurance and support. This meant the world to Peyton, especially after losing her mother when she was 2 years old.


The bond developed between Peyton and her father has been unbreakable since, as they have been there for each other through everything.


Over the years as Peyton got more invested in running Cross Country and Track, she used sports as a way to thank her dad for all that he’s done for her. She made it her mission to earn a scholarship to a Division I school in part to repay him and let him know how much she appreciated everything he did for her as a single dad.


As Peyton underwent the difficult transition from high school to college, Peyton found herself questioning her purpose. She constantly struggled to identify what her true interests were, what style captivated her personality, and what community she belonged to.


Fortunately, TikTok would open a whole new door for Peyton. Tiktok provided Sippy with a space to embrace who she had previously been hiding. She was able to create content that allowed her to discover who she was and what her purpose was. Not only did this enlighten Peyton to a whole new perspective, but she also accumulated a following and a new community in the process. This community that Peyton established held similar beliefs, common interests and values that led her to truly accept herself and breakout of the Janesville bubble she had grown up trying to conform to.


Fast forward to today, Peyton has accumulated a following of over 44,000 followers on TikTok and has inspired thousands across the country. Not only does Peyton preach what it means to be a proud LGTBQ athlete, but also what it means to combat adversity with every stride, and keep moving forward!

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