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Shanel Bramschreiber


That’s the way Shanel Bramschreiber felt hours before the first serve of her season when she learned she was barred from playing the first half of her final year of collegiate volleyball.

Like many athletes before her, Shanel signed with an agent following the end of her 2021 season with the hopes of exploring professional opportunities. Eventually, Bramschreiber decided to play out her last year of NCAA eligibility, only to discover she was denied of playing a full season due to her previous pursuit of professional opportunities.

The only word left to describe the frustration the graduate transfer felt after hanging up with her coach, who had just informed her of the NCAA’s disciplinary decision.

Hours after hanging up, Shanel knew something had to be done. Within days, she founded the LET HER PLAY Movement, a project dedicated to breaking through the barriers of inequality within intercollegiate sports and beyond. Over the last 14 games, this movement has transformed from the support of a fan base to a focal point in the sports realm. Shanel has garnered the attention of many across the nation.

In October of 2022, Shanel was finally was able to suit up for the Badgers and get back on the court. While Shanel’s path to competing again was strenuous, her perseverance and strength does not go unnoticed. Shanel Bramschreiber’s future is bright and her efforts to change the current state of women’s sports will only continue to inspire the industry.

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